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Number of book lovers in the country, surely our country India, and the world is increasing and increasing only. Books, authors and readers make a perfect blend or rather a harmony or, in even better terms, a symphony that sounds so perfect and sweet. However, readers do not have a common cause other than reading the same books; so, what do you think? Should readers in India ask for a common platform where they can share their thoughts about books, authors and certain other aspects of reading and books? Well, no need to demand – there is already one platform of such enthusiastic readers and that’s India Book Club.

India Book Club is an online as well as an offline destination where readers meet and discuss what are they reading, why they like an author, why do they like a book and what they might like to see in a book or an author… If you are an enthusiastic reader who wants to do more than just reading a book, you can join the online book club. If you want to do even more, you can look for a local branch of India book club in your area or you can ask to begin a branch of India book club if you have many readers in your circle. After all, reading together and discussing what you read is always fun!

To join this online book club, you just have to sign up using the sign-up option and then activate your email. Once your account is activated, you can start engaging in discussions and share your experience and ideas about certain authors and books. There are many interesting sections on the forum for book lovers where you can discuss various things. There are many users already on this platform and most of them are youths and that makes one thing certain that India reads young these days!

Many top book critics in India, book review websites in India and their representatives and also very best book reviewers of India are there as members of the book club, locally and online. So, what can be better than being in the company of the best minds who understand book, literary trend and authors of India? Don’t waste your time looking on the screens and burning your eyes’ oil on WhatsApp and Facebook. Become a smart reader and join India Book Club today!


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