Welcome to the section on Egoistic Readers where you can know about us, us and our works! We are a group of readers who read but with pride and a kind of soft or constructive cynicism that invokes the best from the authors and the literature they produce. We do bring out the loopholes in a text. We do point out the mistakes that an author makes. We do tell our readers what could be better instead of something that is lacking. So, you can say that we are also aware critics.

On Egoistic Readers, you will get to read book reviews most of the times. Sometimes, we also do stories on authors. At times, we also write general articles describing our thoughts on literature, impact on literature and trends in literature. These articles are based on our thoughts, research or data with us.

If you are an author or a publisher who wants us to review your works, do write to us. You can send us emails on [email protected]