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Vinoth M the concept of God book
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It is true that everything changes the moment we realise that we live in a society which has a certain hierarchy that must be followed. The sense of absolute freedom with which a child starts walking gradually ends. However, the realisation of God is different and we, to a great extent, like to realise that God is almighty and he or she will take care of us all. As we grow up, study and learn to discuss, the question about the existence of God does arise. Though we cannot, unfortunately, find an answer that can satisfy all our quests, opinions do matter. And therefore, Vinoth M, an Indian author, should be given space for he has an opinion about the concept of ‘God’ which he has formed in his book of the same title, The Concept of God.

Well, it is true that science has most of the answers but science certainly does not have the answer to many things. However, Vinoth M, the author of this subject which is rather religious, emotional and beyond logics most so the times, has decided to decode ‘God’ in very strict scientific measures which seems, as an idea, a little difficult or, at least, very different. And, as expected in most of the cases, he has argued in favour of science at the very beginning itself. Talking about the scientists, he writes:

“Usually, our societies criticise these individuals, their views are ridiculed and their ideas rejected to be nonsensical, but actually, it is the ideas and thoughts of these individuals that collectively carry humankind into the future.” 

Nevertheless, on the contrary, we must remember that it was science and scientists who have pushed the very human beings into the abyss of uncertainty with the invention of war machines and ‘unholy’ tools making the life hell on the earth. Well, I am not getting into these arguments that religion, on the other hand, most of them to be specific, talk and propagate peace and harmony – not the competition to land on the Moon first or create biochemical weapons to attack each other.

There are many interesting things in the book. The very remarkable thing, among many, is the approach itself. The author has been practical, rational and scientific all the time and you can easily move for a conclusion of the ideas – which the author tries to make conclusive. For the students of science and for the curious people who are always ready to weigh things in terms of scientific measures will be happy reading the book. However, the readers, on the other hand, who are into religious studies and who revel in philosophical and spiritual ideas, can find many ways to counter the arguments that have been raised by the author in this book. In both the possible scenarios, the book is there to initiate arguments – it engages the readers and that’s a very good thing about any piece of literature. Vinoth has been successful in this part.

The ultimate opinion on a book is of the readers. I found The Concept of God an interesting addition to already existing bulk of Godly literature and you can read it the same way. It is not the definite version because there are many things more to be added and it will not be sufficient ever… however, the author’s dedication to proving his points is certainly worth attention!

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