USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? Amit Bagaria – Review

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USAma Is USA the World's Largest Terrorist book review
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USAma – what does it mean to you? It sounds like a jumbled word needed to be fixed and made meaningful. However, Amit Bagaria gives another twist to this word as he says that USAma is made of USA and Osama Bin Laden – the terrorist who collapsed the backbone of America for a day. However, one may ask, what is the need of this combination of words? Why is USA, a nation that proudly battles terror around the world, pitted with Osama together to form a new word? And this is why Amit Bagaria has written the book USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? And I will review the same for you today.

The cover might deceive you because it shows a Muslim family going ahead and the USA military officers aiming at those (almost) which is entirely a false narrative being set-up for certain purposes. And once you begin reading the book you will realise that Amit Bagaria’s entire book is dedicated to the unsolicited and intelligence intrusions in the affairs of many countries in the world by the USA – which is, to be frank, ridiculous and uncalled for but the USA may justify it by giving the excuse of maintaining peace in the world.

There are 33 chapters in the book and before that, Amit Bagaria has introduced many of the USA presidents for various purposes. The book is quality non-fiction written with certain motivation. However, the language used by the author is simple and so the book is accessible to many readers. Even young readers can read it and know the purposes of the USA in employing many tactics to intrude in the internal affairs of its allies and enemies. Many new ideas are introduced by the author in this book – such as corporate terror, lobbying for the USA by NGOs, organisations and communities and many others. It is interesting to read the content which is prepared by the author with such precision and intellectual back-up but also without any proper references to credible sources that can help Amit Bagaria gaining the trust of many readers who rather believe things that only MSM spreads.

To cut things short, the book USAma: Is USA the Largest Terrorist in the World, is a nice attempt to expose what USA deems as saving the world is nothing but taming the world according to its own wishes. If you are interested in the world order, international politics and global terrorism, you should read this book very carefully so that you can understand the real motive of Amit Bagaria behind writing this book.

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