A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Book Review

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A Higher Conversation Neil David Chan book review
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Neil David Chan’s work, A Higher Conversation, might be termed as a landmark piece of non-fiction literature in modern times as it emphasises the need for self-dialogue, communication with inner-self or one’s soul. Why is it necessary to have communication with one’s soul? Neil tells his readers, in the preface, that many of our problems and confusions can be resolved just by establishing a channel for soul-communication and by this route, we can reach the genesis of human nature – compassion, affection, minimal living and peace.

A Higher Communication appeared to be a typical spiritual book by the title and the cover design. However, once I began reading the book, it kept unfolding layer by layer. I realised that it is a conversation between Neil and his own soul, as the author claimed, and there was no need to disbelieve or disapprove of the communication because it offers the depths and the insights that we often lack in surface communications. And therefore, if you find the book a little confusing or something that you cannot believe instantly, just keep reading and you will reach the point where you will start realising that the conversations focus on the points that we cannot generally think about.

It is also very important to note that Neil’s book is inspired by the learnings of the author, his observations on various spiritual practices in Hinduism, Hindu religious texts and ancient learnings by sages and saints. The impact of Hindu philosophy can be seen in the book apparently and the author has moulded the ancient knowledge in contemporary outlook and therefore, modern readers can also understand the philosophical and spiritual ideas that are, otherwise, hidden from them in general.

The chapters in the book are divided wonderfully and each of the chapters contains conversations between Neil and his soul on specific topics that will be very useful for the readers. Chapter 5 that tells about the villain and the victim impressed me more than any other chapter. You may like others as well but this was very impressive for me as it deals with a general human cycle that Neil emphasises we must stop. Neil writes at one place, reacting to the words by his soul:

“I understand justice can never be a reaction; it should be an action. A reaction is the opposite of creation. Nothing new is being created, only the past experience replicated. When justice becomes an action, it bypasses the villain/ victim track.”

We generally believe the same – justice needs to be done only after injustice has been done. However, a reaction can never be productive, as the author writes further. Anything which is done as a reaction can never be productive and we must avoid this cycle.

There are many other things in many other chapters that will be very useful for the readers as well as seekers who seek to make their lives more and more productive. The author has also given many ways by which anyone can establish connection with his or her soul and start unfolding unto himself a world of thoughts and emotions never realised before. You can read the book to know more about yourself, more about humanity, more about the ways we can make our world even more sustainable and beautiful.

Talking technically, the language and the narrative that Neil has used have been very supportive of the book’s overall idea. Language is simple, modern reader-friendly and appreciable. The narrative is dual-channel first-person; it means Neil speaks for himself and his soul speaks in the first person as well. The versions have been distinguished very well so that the readers can realise who is speaking what.

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Review by Smriti for Egoistic Readers

A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Book Review
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A remarkable piece of non-fiction literature that is unmissable for the newness that it brings to the desk… do read the conversation between the author and his soul to understand many things that we seldom discuss.

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