Agile in the New Economy by Ashok Singh – Book Review

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Agile in the Age of New Economy book review Egoistic Readers
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The book couldn’t be more helpful for new age readers who are rather curious to understand the play of opportunities and rewards in the world that’s changing fastly – with a life-taking pandemic around, there are also many opportunities for those who are curious enough and able enough to take on the challenges and create space for their ideas, creativity or determination. Yes, the book is strictly for those who are either in leading positions with any organisation, companies or firms or those who have high ambitions and who do not stay behind while it comes to working hard and achieving success… on one’s own!

Agile in the New Economy can be said to be the summum bonum of all the experiences that the author has gathered while working with the leading companies in the USA and assisting them with their growth, planning and execution of strategies and campaigns. It is a common practice that the readers and even authors first look at the back cover of the book to get something about the author of any book. Well, if you want to check the credentials of Ashok Singh, author of Agile in the New Economy, you are going to convinced about the book – the author has been active for over two decades with the leading companies that are famous across the world!

What makes Ashok’s book really handy and wonderful for beginners or experienced leaders is the style in which the author has presented the ideas, introductions, basic inputs and everything else. He has tried to introduce the readers to the changing demands of the world, a situation that might arise after the current phase of COVID-19, opportunities that will generate in the digital space, technologies that will change the rules of the game… and many other things that most of the readers might not entirely be aware of. All these come packed in a book not even touching 70 pages!

Except for the length of the book that seems a real issue to me, nothing in the book can be said to bring its value down… as a reader or as a leader, you are going to enjoy the book, learn more about contemporary business demands, get more ideas on making oneself employable, and learning how modern business can take advantage of the digital space that is being generated without more trouble, unlike the traditional business set-up that requires monetary foundation as well as considerable space.

You can get a copy of Ashok Singh’s book in Kindle format and begin reading it right away… you will surely have a lot to note down, share with your friends or even discuss… the author has used all his experience, it seems, in writing this book and that has really been a great work by him!

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Review by Abhishek for Egoistic Readers

Agile in the New Economy by Ashok Singh – Book Review
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A quick reference or booster book available in the market… on economy and market, on business and entrepreneurship, on being employed or employing people for your company! A must-read…

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