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SHE by Sarika Jain book review
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Sarika Jain’s debut work SHE: a message for those who belittle girls is based on her intense research, quality writing and a meaningful narrative. She is a multi-talented woman who had this wonderful idea of writing something for the causes of little girls, unborn girl-children and also grown up women and ladies. She takes up the issues that are important and sensitive and directly affect the lives of women. For example, the importance of quality education for women is something that we all understand – however, how can it be ensured? Yes, Dr Sarika has some ideas and she shared the same in her debut book.

A Doctor of Philosophy, Dr Sarika has donned many hats in her professional life before deciding to open an educational institute and contribute to Indian writing in English as well. She hails from West Bengal but in her book, a reader can find the finest examples of women achievers from across the world and also many ones from different parts of India. She writes about a girl who defended and fought for her right to choose her own life partner; she writes about an acid attack survivor who became a role model for many women across the world; she also writes about a Manipuri girl Vandana who refused to get married when her in-laws demanded dowry… there are numerous stories and there are many icons that Sarika has offered to the readers.

The book contains 18 chapters. All the chapters begin with She and her qualities. Beginning from She is Strong and ending at She is An Angel. Does it tell many stories? Oh yes, it does! Each of these 18 chapters contains very well-researched content. Sarika has written passionately and she did not euphemise her words for something dubbed as politically right. She has been candid and that’s the best suiting narrative one could find in such a work.

The language that she uses in her book is strong, well-weighed and comprehensive. Easy to understand but powerful enough to initiate a chain reaction of thoughts in the minds of the readers – that is what I would love to ascribe to the language in this book called SHE. This book is supposed to be read by all those responsible readers who want to read something meaningful. This is also meant to be read by the feminists (within their own rights) who only believe that bashing men is enough of the feminism they are doing. Sarika Jain’s feminism is different and that deserves recognition!

And my final verdict is that Dr Sarika Jain’s debut book SHE is quality work in the domain of women causes. One needs to read this book not only because it’s about women issues but because it deserves readership. It has been written in the best possible way – analysing the problems and looking toward the solutions. Unmissable! Get a copy from Amazon India now:

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review by Ashish for Egoistic Readers

SHE: a message for those who belittle girls

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  • It seems a powerful book! I will surely read it this weekend.

  • I have read the reviews of this book on many websites. However, this one is detailed and clearly mentions things that need to be mentioned Thanks for the well-written article, Ashish!


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