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I-SPY Amit Bagaria book review

Spy fiction is a very popular genre. Hugely popularised by the authors like Ian Fleming and Arthur Conan Doyle, detective novels have always made their way on to the reading tables of many readers around the world. However, how would you react if I ask you whether you know the realities behind the glimmer that we read in the books or see on the TV? Do you know how does a spy live? What are the tasks of a spy? How do the secret agencies function? Is a career in secret services really like what we see James Bond’s or Ethan Hunt’s? Do you know these answers? Well, even I knew very little. Where did I get my answers? Keep reading for the answer to all your questions about spies, being a spy, working for the country as a secret agent and also inside information of major nation’s spy agencies.

I-SPY: A peep into the world of Spies is a recent work by Amit Bagaria, known for writing unconventional bestselling literature, mostly non-fiction. His title, I-SPY, unravel the mysteries and myths associated with the life of a spy, his or her job, what makes a spy great, and also the leading intelligence agencies in the world and their major operations. Being honest and candid, I did not read a book as organised as this one and as informative too. Amit Bagaria’s writing style is quite simple and it makes the book further useful.

The Content:
There are 22 chapters in the book and the author begins with his confession that he has done his best in compiling the information from various sources but was ‘unable’ to verify the information for its authenticity for various reasons. However, he could have given the hint of his resources for the better of this book… Beginning with the very life of a spy, Amit Bagaria has tried to analyse the functioning of each of the leading spy agencies in the world and also ranked them according to his own judgement that he developed after studying their operations and works. Sadly enough, he concluded that RAW, our own wing, ranks 9 – well behind Pakistan!

In general, the information and data and facts that Amit provides are very easy to understand and believe as well. We can check these pieces of information for their validity by surfing the internet. However, you won’t need that too often – just read the book and enjoy learning the inside facts of spy world!

Book is meant for:
This book, I-SPY, is meant for all those readers who want to know the hidden, secret or classified truths of the spy agencies. This book also acts like an iconoclast and breaks the conventional imagination of costly suits of James Bond and hot girls around him… it introduces the readers to the real dangers and politics associated with the job profile of a spy who is ready to give his life for the country, in most of the cases. So, if you are ready to know the truth even if it costs your imagination, you must read this book!

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  • Easy to read and understand
  • Interesting & Useful


  • Lack of sources
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