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Ravi Dabral author of Greed Lust Addiction
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Name: Ravi Dabral
Books: Greed Lust Addiction, Lalach Wasna Lat (Hindi version), Secrets of Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Life.
Style: Simple language and intriguing plots
Genre: Literary Fiction, Non-fiction

An Introduction:
Literature is all about ideas and literary writing is all about making your presence felt. There are many authors in the contemporary period who write novels to gain popularity. However, that, sometimes, happens in otherwise terms as well. The phrase that has been coined justify this argument (by a contemporary classic Indian novelist) is – “best selling bad literature.” The contemporary authors are creating such an environment where we can seldom find a book that can be remembered for some ideas. Characters fade (mostly) just after the book is done; events don’t remain in the subconscious of our minds; we only, nevertheless, remember the kisses, the bedders and the lovemaking without a substantial reason – in most of the cases. So, the novels and the novelist have taken a different course – lust and fun and over straight stories devoid of any literary grace.

However, there are the authors who are still taking the literary discourse to new levels. One such is Ravi Dabral. he is a different kind of author who has taken forward the literary culture by serving a purpose through his writings. For me, writing without a purpose is useless. In his debut novel, after a non-fiction work, Greed Lust Addiction, Ravi tries to reflect the vices and evils of the society. He doesn’t only highlight the problems, he also tries to provide a literary solution to the literary problems. We cannot vouch for the feasibility through the actions seem viable. Still, focusing on his writing, he has written a complete novel! He also brings in the values and traditions that we Indians have been maintaining for centuries but do not care so much for them now – he brings in sages and Gurus to the mainstream.

Early Life:
Ravi belongs to Uttarakhand, land of gods and sages. He has completed multiple degree courses in Economics, Political Science, Laws, Commerce and many more. He is a well-known personality among the corporates. Currently, he is an international commodity trader based in Singapore. He is keenly interested in Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality. Moreover, He is the winner of a prestigious award named, “International Man of Excellence Award for Education, Corporate & Social Services.”

His writings:
He is not a normal writer who writes for the sake of writing and enjoyment only. He is an author who thinks about his role and the purpose that he has to serve. He has the vision to instil virtuous traits in students and the young generation through his works to make this world a better and more peaceful place to live in. He is not flowing with the current; he is rather making his marks by writing something different. His ideas, vision and techniques in his writings are sharply focused on the betterment of the society. His book ‘Greed Lust Addiction’ exerts the same impression. The purpose he wants to serve can be easily found in his book. Differentiating between the materialism and spiritualism and providing a way through to the problems of society. I can say that he is focused on even the micro issue of society as well – like how a crime takes place and what will be a solution to get rid of this.

Ravi Dabral is a passionate writer who loves to play with words and keeping this simple but delivering more and more. His approach and ideas are really surprising enough for any readers. How he handles grand themes such as dealing with the abstract of spirituality and materialism side by side is always a thing to ponder. He is concerned about writing and picking suitable themes that will benefit the readers. Undoubtedly, a good novelist in the contemporary world of literature!


by Gaurav for Egoistic Readers

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