Meet Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – author of seven books & only thirteen-year-old!

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Sanjana Kanamarlapudi only 13, 7 books already published!
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Many authors in the world have been producing quality children’s literature for years. The form of writing has been changing over time. However, one thing has always been at the centre of everything. Authors have constantly been looking for something that could interest the audience as well as enlighten them with certain qualities. If the author is grown-up, adult or established, things become easier. However, thanks become interesting when we have a young author, only 13, who has already taken 7 books. Sanjana Kanamarlapudi has already written three full-length novels and a few sketchbooks. Har books are more than entertainment for the young audience. She always tries to produce fiction that is loaded with a certain amount of wisdom. And it has always been constant in all of her writings.

The trademark style of the writings by Sanjana is the use of simple language, characters who are close to children like animals or young people. Moreover, the author also tries to use interesting themes and plots that will keep the young readers engaged. The recent novel written by Sanjana, The Moon Wolf, portrays a wolf having mysterious powers and extensively amazing leadership skills. This not only makes the novel interesting but also tries to inspire the young readers to do everything for the team and prove their metal when the time requires. Such amazing concepts and writing skills required to make both ends of fiction meet – expectations and outcomes – are exceptional at this young age of 13.

Sanjana aspires to become a veterinarian doctor. This explains why there are animals in her works. She writes about unicorns, dogs, wolves and also about amazing human beings with magical powers.

In the times when reading has only become the second choice for many children, the works by Sanjana will inspire them not to want to read but also to write something. We are still not at the point where we can see the best coming from this author. However, with whatever we could read, we can certainly say that Sanjana has the true potential to produce quality fiction that was certainly transcend the tag of children fiction one day.

To sum up this article about Sanjana, the author, I could certainly see that she has the zeal to bring her thoughts and imagination out in the form of novels, short fiction and also paintings. Right now, from the point where Sanjana stands, she can clearly see a very bright future for herself in the field of writing. I can only hope that she produces better, mature, original, impactful and genuine fiction in the near future. One can feel the traces of other authors on the writings of Sanjana at this time. It is natural because she must have been reading a lot. When the writer in her we feel the spark of coming out in its genuine and original form, she will certainly produce the stories that truly meet her imaginations.

by Simran for Egoistic Readers

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