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Pravin Anand author Mumtaz and Taj Mahal

Of many novelists I have read recently, I have almost talked about each of them individually. However, I have yet not discussed the writings of Pravin Anand, an author who works on romantic themes most of the times. Pravin Anand comes from UP, India. Professionally, he is a serving BDO and even after his busy schedule, he takes a deep interest in writing fiction, newspaper articles and also short stories and poems for various national Hindi magazines. Writing came to Pravin naturally and he responded to that urge inside him. In spite of a career and public commission, he did not let go of his writing and held on to his hobby and eventually pursued it passionately with the publication of three novels.

Mars, Love and Break-up
I Love You More Than Anyone Else
Mumtaz and Taj Mahal

These are three published novels by Pravin. All of his publications deal with the theme of love and the treatment in each of his novels are distinctively different. In his novel Mars, Love and Breakup, the characters on a mission to Mars share their love stories with each other. In Mumtaz and Taj Mahal, the novelist discusses the timeless love story of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan with a distinct balance between fact and fiction. Likewise, we find a tender dealing of love in his novel I Love you More than Anyone Else.

One special quality (and certainly disadvantage in some of the cases) of Pravin’s writing is his very simple language. He does not bother to keep a standard line of writing and rather tends to write in such a language that can suit everyone – even the casual readers of fiction who don’t want to read something too sophisticated or highly standard, like the ones by Amitav Ghosh that has a limited intellectual set of readers.

Pravin Anand is an author for the common readers who want to read for entertainment and reading pleasure rather than for intellectual gain and understanding the art of serious fiction. He has a limited set of readers to please and he has, until now, been successful in doing so. And for the fraternity of serving officers who also write fiction and non-fiction, he is certainly a person who has raised the bar! You can know more about him on his website – Author Pravin Anand

article by Ashish Pandey for Egoistic Readers

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