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Sharat Sharma author The One Invisible Code book
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There are many self-help authors who have become very famous in the past decade. There are also the traditional motivational and self-help authors who have been famous for a few decades now. However, the genre of self-help and motivational literature has become so wide that it has always some space to accommodate new authors. Sharat Sharma, with his publication in 2020, has entered the space of self-help genre. He has already been a successful motivational speaker providing corporate solutions to big companies. However, writing and speaking are two different departments and Sharat has managed both very well.

The One Invisible Code, Sharat Sharma’s motivational book, is based on the principles of self-assessment, acceptance and change that comes from within. The major highlight of Sharat’s writing is that he does not force his opinions explicitly upon the readers. In a way, you can almost see it that he rather prepares his readers to expect things to come further. B after A and C after B… and this technique, in a non-fiction piece, is truly remarkable and appreciable as well.

Here are a few features of his writings that help Sharat Sharma stand out as a motivational author:

a) Content: Sharat’s content is unique and original. He does not copy his ideas or philosophy or even vision from any other author writing in the same domain. And that’s why his book will appeal to the audience naturally.

b) Sequence of Sections: In all the chapters of The One Invisible Code, a reader can witness how wonderfully the author has placed proper sections of content in the most appropriate positions making it easy for the readers to navigate, find out and grasp the content and ideas in a very simple way.

c) Simple Style and Persuasive Content: Sharat Sharma has tried his best and succeeded to a great extent in keeping his style simple. His content does not seem to be forced upon the readers and most of the readers will find it flowing at a natural pace. Once you begin reading the book, you will understand the ideas that the author is suggesting and you will relate to the content as well. The author could easily have been pompous in his style and ruined the content but Sharat’s approach has made the book even more interesting. It’s like good content served the best way!

d) Language and Visual Aids: No book in the motivational genre can be complete without visual appeal. I have read many books by the authors who just forget to add their ideas and content also in a visual way. Diagrams and figures assist in communicating one’s ideas to the readers in an emphatic way. Sharat has done that very brilliantly with boxes, highlights, images, diagrams and other visual content.


With all these features, unique content and a very communicative style, I am sure that readers will find in Sharat an author who has taken care of the practical aspects of motivational requirements that many authors simply ignore. He has tried to offer the readers a few hours of introspection, assessment and realisation and it is truly unique in contemporary self-help literature.


by Ashish for Egoistic Literature

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