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Mohan Timmaraju - author of Janardhan Talbot
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Writing is an art and writing historical fiction is an absolute art. In writing historical fiction, you need to remain more conscious than the ordinary fiction because there you don’t have the permission to go beyond a certain extent of bringing fictitious elements. Today, I am discussing the author who has done it tremendously well. He is Mohan Timmaraju – author of Janardhan Talbot. He belongs to India but has remained abroad for a greater part of his life.

Life Introduction:
Mohan was born and brought up in the family full of patriots and has experienced the urge of freedom very closely. His father was a freedom fighter who fought against the tyranny of the British empire. He was fond of listening to the stories of freedom fighters. He earned his degree in Polytechnic and worked for many organisations in India and abroad. Most of the time, he stayed outside India but there was a desire burning deep in his heart to write something about the stories he has listened in his childhood.

His writings:
He has written two books. Janardhan Talbot-1 and Janardhan Talbot-2. This is not simply a historical fiction but something more than that for what he was eagerly waiting for many years. Mohan Timmaraju’s conviction to pen down something great about Indian freedom struggle finally bears the fruit. He has maintained the pace with contemporary readers by adding the elements that can hold to the emotions of the younger generation of India. The protagonist is young, ambitious and energetic – Janardhan Rao from a south Indian village. Moreover, the fiction by Mohan also captures the essence of the patch that the British empire created on the Indian subcontinent.

He has used a serious narrative and tries his best to explore the undergrounds of human emotions. He takes the readers deep into the psyche of Janardhan Rao and through him, metaphorically, he brings to the readers the psyche of young India in an enslaved nation! He has shown the mastery of writing historical fiction by not hiding the events that are necessary to discuss with the readers and at the same time exposes the hypocrisy of the British empire. He went to Britain in pursuit of gaining thousands of pounds and then returned to India to regain his fallen pride to start a fight against the British empire.

Let’s talk about his style of writing, He acknowledged the taste of readers and did not try to establish his supremacy by writing so hard that can be difficult for a common reader. He believed in conveying his ideas rather than establishing his brand like most of the authors do in writing novels of this genre.

Concluding Remarks:
While writing this article, I do believe that we will hear a lot about Mohan Timmaraju in future. The readers who have read his book Janardhan Talbot are showing their enthusiasm for his writing. Moreover, the most important thing is that he tried something new and managed to pull it off successfully! You can read his book’s review here: Janardhan Talbot book review

Know more about the author here: Mohan Timmaraju official website

article by Ashish Pandey for Egoistic Readers

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