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Neela-Neela Book Review Gautam

Hindi literature has been on the rise, recently. And so has been the case with Urdu literature, especially the shayari and ghazal genre. With a delicious lexicon that attracts the youths instantly, shayaris have become the new cool and contemporary authors are leaving no stone unturned to keep the readers delighted with new experiments and changes in their style. A name that has become famous with the publication of Neela-Neela, a collection of shayaris and ghazals, is Gautam Rajrishi. His second published collection of shayris and ghazals, after Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan, is Neela-Neela, published by Rajpal & Sons. This collection has become very famous among the readers of Hindi-Urdu literature in a very short period of time because of its lyrical and poetic qualities, simple language and a wide range of issues featured in the content – all about love!

याद मेरी न आती कभी अब उसे
हो न हो…ये मेरी ही कमी तो नहीं

खिलखिलाने लगी है उदासी ज़रा
की है तन्हाई ने दिल्लगी तो नहीं

Various shades of love, with a blue coating, has been covered in this collection by Gautam Rajrishi, a serving Indian Army officer who has made a name outside the battle zone as well, among poets and shayars, on the stages where literary heads gather to churn a few hours and bring the nectar of verse for the audience and readers.

Neela-Neela is a testimony to the changing, evolving and widening connotations of literature. Literature has been consumed as a higher source of entertainment for many years now. However, with the authors like Gautam and many others, literature should be the medium to express their hearts and minds freely – as freely as they can. And this is what you see in Neela-Neela – a world where anyone without a tongue can talk and anyone without eyes can see. Gautam Rajrishi has ascribed the values of life to non-living beings and emotions to the objects without heart. And this is very lively to read!

और फिर सूरज छिपा फिरता रहा सारा ही दिन
रात की नीली चुनर जब चाँद पर अटकी मिली

इस मुहब्बत की कहानी से मिला दोनों को क्या
किसके हिस्से याद आई और किसे हिचकी मिली

Neela-Neela will be a wonderful read for the lovers who have experienced how the phases of the Moon define their fading and raising hearts. Not only that, anyone who is interested in modern and contemporary verse in Hindi and Urdu will find too many entries in this collection that will resemble the feeling of many instantly. Gautam has embedded the emotions which are common to many… in his poetry and verse… and the readers will instantly get accustomed to the style that can animate the stationary souls of the readers and fill the juice of action in it!

You can get a copy of this collection published by Rajpal from Amazon India in digital or physical format. Click the link below to go to Amazon India page where the book is listed:

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Review by Ashish for Egoistic Readers

Neela-Neela by Gautam Rajrishi – Book Review
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A wonderful and must-read poetry collection that will keep you animated and alive… all the minutes you read it! Emotions and feelings, colours of love and pain of being apart… do read it! A treat for the lovers of Hindi Urdu shayaris.

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