To Kill a Mocking Bird – do not like this classic? You are not alone! Read this reaction article

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Didn't find To Kill a Mocking Bird appealing? You are not alone!
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Didn’t enjoy reading To Kill a Mocking Bird? You are not alone! Find another book, chin up, and start reading! While I read the book, I did not find it exciting or thrilling (if you ask). It is a classic novel by Harper Lee (many think) that takes on the issue of racial justice. However, many readers may not find it appealing because of various reasons. In this experimental article, we will try to discuss possible scenarios readers may encounter. Let’s dive into it! 

Reaction 1: I enjoyed reading Harper Lee’s classic novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird. 

I’m glad you enjoyed reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. You have joined millions of readers to find the book enjoyable! To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic with numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, and has attracted appreciation for its themes of racial injustice, prejudice, and moral courage. Narrated by a young girl named Scout Finch, this novel tells the story of her family and their life in a small Southern town during the 1930s. Through the eyes of Scout, readers discover the racism and prejudice that existed in the South during this time. 

Reaction 2: I tried reading To Kill a Mocking Bird by Lee and found it boring and slow. 

It’s absolutely fine for people to have different reactions to books, and it’s possible that To Kill a Mockingbird may not appeal to everyone. You are not alone! There are billions who do not even hear about many books in their lifetime. You might not have felt comfortable with the pace of this book or found the narrative out of sync with your preferences. You can skip the book and find something else to read. However, if you wish, you could come back and give it a second go. 

Reaction 3: I tried reading To Kill a Mocking Bird many times. I could not move beyond 4-5 pages. Should I skip it? 

Though it’s not appropriate to suggest someone should skip reading any particular book, if you tried and could not find it moving, do skip it and move on. To Kill a Mocking Bird raises issues of racism and social injustice (from almost a century ago in the USA). For many readers who do not come from backgrounds that condone racism as many casually do in the US, the book may not appeal at all! Moreover, the novel has a definite lack of pace, and the story goes deeper into the nuances (almost ignoring action on the first layer). It is what classic novels often offer! However, many readers prefer action like James Bond or Tom Clancy’s cult hits. If you are one of those, don’t get troubled by fascinating things your intellectual friends say about To Kill a Mocking Bird! Let them mock you; it’s perfectly okay you didn’t like the book! Read whatever pleases you. Reading a book is a subjective concept (and action). You read something only if you find it resonates with you. 

A message to the readers who did not read To Kill a Mocking Bird yet: 

Friends (and readers), many critics, scholars, intellectuals, propagandists, human rights evangelists and people like us consider To Kill a Mocking Bird a classic of American Fiction. If you hear so much about a book, you must try reading it first. Approach this novel with an open mind and navigate through the pages. If you find it smooth, go and keep reading. If you think the book does not have the pace or don’t find it appealing, give it to someone else. As simple as that, guys! No panic! No worries! 


By Gunjan for Egoistic Readers

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