This generation and the next will miss the golden literature written in Hindi! Sad but true…

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Whatever I have read in all these years of my reading experience, I have never come across writings as powerful as the works by our own, very own, greats of Hindi literature. For a minute, I will put aside my prejudice and affinity with the Sanskrit language and I can accept that it has been rendered almost obscure by the carefully executed agenda by people and powers that be. However, how should I accept that Hindi literature by the classic authors and poets has also been rendered obsolete, inaccessible and rare? Why? Why should this generation and the generation to come miss Hindi literature’s golden lines?

I was taken care of very well when it came to my literary influence. I read (without a doubt) the best Hindi content available for school kids, teenage highschool going guys and college students… And it continued even after getting enrolled in university for a higher degree as well as beyond. My romance with the best Hindi literature continues even today and that is why I am worried about the standards that we are offering to our young readers, youths and then to the same people once they grow up… don’t they deserve those world-class metaphors and images? Don’t they deserve to know what high standards our poets and authors have set? They do deserve and it’s our moral obligation to get them introduced to the lyrics of Nirala, Mahadevi Verma and others. It is on us to introduce to them the class of Pant and Agyeya, the musical verse of Jaishankar Prasad and the wonderful style of Bachchan… won’t we do it?

It is also evident that we have been pushed astray by the gradual but inevitable development of English literature and English as a language in India. However, today, Hindi language and Hindi literature are gaining their importance back once again. It is a matter of pride that our prime minister, from the dais, speaks in Hindi and the world has to listen as well as understand. So, it’s another golden opportunity for serious Hindi authors and poets to display their class and content to the world. Nevertheless, the current situation of Hindi literature has been gradually tilting towards useless attention towards sensuality and loss, heartbreak and teenage issues. To an extent, it sounds good and musical. However, after a while, it becomes repetitive and senseless and that is what I am worried about. Where is the seriousness that our elders had? Hindi poets and authors will have to introspect and that also in a hurry.

In the meanwhile, if you really care about Hindi literature’s golden days, do get some books from available platforms and bookstores near you. Introduce younger ones to the great Hindi literature so that they know the real meaning of poetry and prose. All the best!


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