Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Book Review

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Greed Lust Addiction Ravi Dabral book review
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Book: Greed Lust Addiction
Author: Ravi Dabral
Genre: Literary Fiction
Published: 2019
Published: Notion Press
Reviewed by: Ashish Pandey for Egoistic Readers
Rating: 3.7/5 stars

Recently, I have published my article on Ravi Dabral’s writing. Today, I will post my review of his debut novel Greed Lust Addiction. The novel that has been very popular among the readers of various sections and the critics as well. It is a novel that deals with the theme of contemporary life and problems associated with it – corruption in society. Moreover, on an abstract level, the novel also deals with the problems that lie within the human mind. It provides an ample depiction of contrast between a simple living and a luxurious living, between spiritualism and materialism, between traditional and nontraditional, between love and lust and between greed and satisfaction.

The novel opens with Vijay getting a job after paying a heavy amount as bribe. We get to know that Vijay is the younger brother of Suraj who has died in an accident. Suraj was an investigative journalist and Vijay is a police officer. However, these two people are entirely contrasting in terms of character and lifestyle. While Suraj, that we know from his diary, was a person not affected with lust and greed, Vijay compromises largely with the evil around him and tries to get along the corrupts understanding it as the natural way to live. But knowing more about his elder brother awakens the curiosity within him and he connects with Guruji of Rishikesh to know more about his brother and find utterly surprising things in return. SURAJ IS ALIVE!

The plot becomes more interesting with the fact that Suraj is still alive and he teams up with Vijay and Seema to expose the culprits – corrupt politicians and officials in various departments. Guruji becomes their guide and they also form a political party to take on the problems of corruption and injustice in a democratic way – by fighting elections.

The plot might look like a popular one because I also have read some novels on the same. However, after reading the novel, I have realised that the treatment has been quite different. Ravi Dabral has dealt with this plot and more meaningfully, the theme, very comprehensively. Many things that he has learnt from the Gurus and Sanyasis in the ashrams and mountains, has been reflected in this novel – the benefits of Yoga, the importance of being truthful, the reasons to battle the evil and corruption etc. Ravi Dabral’s writing comes with only one folly that I can see – the narrative is not up to the mark. It had to be glorified because the theme is more abstract rather than being a conventional modern or contemporary fiction’s usual theme. However, that can be judged because Ravi might have thought to reach more audience instead of reaching only the target ones.

So, to my judgement, the novel is worth a 3.7/5 stars and it will keep readers excited and entertained because it has various twists and turns all the way. Moreover, the novel will also keep the readers enlightened. Yes, it has the qualities of a great guidebook – how to lead one’s life peacefully with satisfaction and how to combat evil…

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Greed Lust Addiction
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A good blend of literary class with modern excitement that the author has created here… I am sure readers will like his experiment.

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