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A Carol of Him egoistic readers review book
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Book: A Carol of Him
Author: Twisha
Published by: Evincepub Publications
Publication Year: 2019
Formats: Amazon Kindle, Paperback
Genre: Feminism, Philosophical, Spiritual
Reviewed by: Ashish
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Twisha’s journey as an author has just begun; she is merely a 10th pass student and she has created her protagonist in the form of Carol Sinclair who is more than a simple woman. What I liked in the novel certainly begins with the lead character in the form of her – Carol. You cannot ignore her and her attitude and her thought chains and also her overall impression that is created on your mind after reading the book. Carol represents the modern psyche of human beings which is often deterred by many inputs and no single constant point in life.

A Carol of Him begins with a seemingly happy family that’s worried for a daughter who is a teen girl named Carol. She likes isolation and discussions within her own rather than mingling with the world around her. She is found at the beach by her parents and she is sent to a boarding school very soon. Boarding school doesn’t suit her in spite of a friend that she quickly makes in the form of Trasha. Tragedy happens and Carol’s parents pass away. The novel takes a different turn and we are forced to witness gloom inside Carol and outside her and around her. She goes into a mental breakdown almost.

The novel is simple and has a straight plot which lacks depth. We are taken, as the readers, to distant places in the USA and we are introduced to many sets of characters but the focus remains on their attitude towards Carol. Emotional connects and bondings have more importance in the novel than physical actions and that’s why we don’t fund much of action sequences in the novel. It’s often mute, within Carol’s head and heart.

I will not say that the novel is for everyone and a must-read; that will be a lie outrightly. However, the novel is certainly a good option for change if you have been reading too many happening novels recently. So, for the readers who would like to change their reading taste, A Carol of Him is a good option. Moreover, for the readers who are into reading slow and emotional novels, this will be a very ideal read.

Review by Ashish for Egoistic Readers

A Carol of Him








Overall Reading Experience



  • Style
  • Protagonist
  • Representation of a Section


  • Plot lacks depth
  • Theme scatters at times
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