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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia book review
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Lal Bhatia’s debut book, Indicting Goliath, is an account of the hardships that he has gone through in his life in the USA. As the title might suggest to experienced readers who very well understand the hints a title might offer, the book is about how Lal Bhatia tried to get justice by fighting alone against the Giants – the US justice department, FBI, and corrupt cronies who could deceive and influence the government very easily.

The author has written in a first-person account but that takes a little time to surface. Before beginning the actual account, Lal Bhatia gives the basic and necessary details so that readers can easily understand what this is all about. He gives the details of a closed bank, BCCI – Bank of Credit and Commerce International, that has been shut down by the government because of wrongdoings and money launderings. The author also hints the readers about the corrupt individuals who were involved in involving him in all these illegal and unethical activities.

Once the records are set straight, Mr Bhatia begins his story. He has told the readers how Mr Wig along with his aides approached him to work with them and gather funds. Lal Bhatia tells the readers about his impressive academic and work profile and how his employers and colleagues admired him for knowledge and skills. However, he could not smells the cunningness in his new employers and fell in the trap that costed him dearly. In charges of money laundering and fraud, Lal Bhatia was jailed and because of the involvement of the corrupt individuals in Justice Department and FBI, he was also tortured and persecuted wrongfully for the crime he did not commit.

Indicting Goliath presents the proofs, irrefutable documents and many other instances on the basis of which a reader can easily come to a conclusion that it was only because of the involvement of certain officials that such a massive scale of fraud and money laundering was going in the open. The author has also presented the court orders that clearly state about a one-billion-dollar money laundering scam but none was to be charged! However, ultimately, the author gets out fighting on his own but on a condition that he will directly go outside the US and won’t ever come back. Nonetheless, Lal Bhatia has continued the battle and he has decided to take it to a logical ending.

To read this story of a battle between an individual and the United States, you will need to go through his autobiography Indicting Goliath that is written in a simple but communicating language. The book has been acknowledged and appreciated by many because it covers the days of the hardship of an individual who did not lose hope and continued to battle the injustice that was served to him.

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Indicting Goliath
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A must-read for human rights enthusiasts… a good read for those who like reading bio and autobiographies and stories of an individual’s struggle against injustice…

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