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David Beckham autobiography book review
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A stylish player who often stole the headlines for his style and curve kicks, a young and handsome guy who built his career in playing football at an early age and still continues to be in the headlines whenever he rotates his head in the public – who does not know David Beckham? Moreover, he was fortunate enough to be coached by Sir Alex Ferguson. At an early age, he signed with a legendary club Manchester United. Here I am not gonna tell you about his career, here I will tell you about his book. He has written his autobiography named “David Beckham” with a subtitle, ‘My Side’.

A glimpse into his Book:
Honestly, Beckham is a fantastic player on the pitch but you can not expect him to write an autobiography that will reflect some literary potential, it will be an injustice to him. Nonetheless, he has written the autobiography so interestingly and honestly. He has given the credit to all his teammates and shared so many stories that we don’t know. Moreover, images are really of good quality and take us back to the memory lane.

If you want to go back to the age of the legendary no.7 player then surely this book is for you. Right from the curve kick against Greece to the transfer to LA Galaxy, you will surely enjoy reading the fantastic story. There are fourteen chapters in his autobiography and these chapters provide all his information – how, when, why and what… moreover, you can also find a detailed record and statistics in the last pages of the book. In my honest opinion, reading the book of Beckham is gonna give you the pleasure to go back in his time and enjoy the moments again. We know the matches played on the field but Beckham has told us many things we don’t know what happened outside the field. The tense environment of 1998 UEFA champions league final, the legend transferring to a legendary club Real Madrid, his bad form and a red card in the 1998 world cup. He was an absolute genius on the field.

Undoubtedly, David Beckham is one of the greatest midfielders of all time. He played for prestigious clubs all over Europe. He played for Man Utd, Real Madrid, PSG and AC Milan. One of the greatest strikers of all time Ronaldo(Brazil) said about him, “When you have Beckham in your side you don’t need to be panic just wait in the 15-yard box the ball will be directly delivered to your head.”

If you are a football fan, you will surely love reading this book! Enjoy it on the weekend and you will have an experience of the lifetime. All the best!

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review by Amit Mishra for Egoistic Readers

David Beckham: my side
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A good book for the lovers of this sport and the fans of Beckham…

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