8,789 Words of Wisdom by Barbara Kipfer – Review

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8,789 Words of Wisdom book review Barbara Kipfer
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Most of the times, I seldom have problems with books, the basic problems at least. Most of the authors I have read have meanings to their efforts and so, their books, they make sense. However, at times, there are the authors and books that just give my head a severe headache. I cannot fathom the very purpose of their book – either baseless or just useless. Recently, I read a book entitled 8,789 Words of Wisdom by famous author Barbara Ann Kipfer. To be honest and frank and critical, I found the book directionless but interesting. I will explain my comment in the previous line in this review post. 


8,789 Words of Wisdom book review Barbara Kipfer


What to expect in the book? 

Once you open the book, you will find the brief ‘how did the book happen’ story and then usual preface before the book abruptly begins without any proper index or anything else. Yes, many people call it a ‘beach book’ and that implies this book is not to be judged seriously. Well, I judged it because I spent my time with this. However, coming back to the purpose, you will find a lot of random quotes in the book and it keeps coming until the book ends with an introduction to the author with her beautiful image. 

What’s my problem with the book? 

When you read any good book, it gives the due credits to those who owe it. This book, 8,789 Words of Wisdom, does not do it. It has random quotes in the book scattered on the pages and the author acknowledges that she has collected these quotes from various reading sessions that she had (and also her husband) and she noted what she liked – Barabara, you could have included the source or the original person who said something. Wouldn’t it be beautiful that way? Reading this is beautiful: 

“The heart that loves is always young”

Knowing that it is a Greek Proverb would make it even more beautiful! Likewise, 

“Find expression for a joy and you will intensify its ecstasy”

Reading the above line is truly wonderful. However, knowing that Oscar Wilde originally wrote such a wonderful line would satisfy and certainly delight even more because a person won’t have to google the source, having a complete book with ‘due credits paid’! 

Should you buy the book? Should you invest your time reading it? 

Well, it depends. What kind of a reader you are? If you care to know the original source, the first-hand originators of anything you read, you should skip this book and find some more authenticate collections of random quotes. However, if you are a reader who just reads anything without caring for the source, you can certainly find this book a wonderful source from where you can draw random inspirations for your days… try it! 

You can buy a copy of the book from Amazon India by following the link below: 

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review by Aditya Shankar for Egoistic Readers 

8,789 Words of Wisdom

400 Rs









Ease of Reading



  • Hand-picked Quotes
  • Easy to understand
  • Short and Selective Reading Possible


  • No Credits given to originators
  • No Index to choose from
  • A Random reading manual
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