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Book gifting ideas for kids indian children literature
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We all want kids to be the leaders of tomorrow. We want to shape them the best way. We want them to excel in most of the things they do. At times, we even want them to do their best in everything they do. Well, we will all agree that literature has a very emphatic impact on the upbringing of kids. They try to idealise their heroes, villains, leaders, social values, and many other things we can think, by reading the literature they are offered by their parents and their schools. In short, a child who reads wonderful books will certainly be a better person compared to a child who doesn’t read books or doesn’t get good ones. And I guess you have come here seeking ideas to gift the best books to your kids, your relatives’ kids or your friends’ children. Here you go! I am suggesting the best Indian books for kids, young adults and early readers.

(NOTE: Please don’t buy editions by Devdutt Pattanaik. Those are misleading and otherwise written.) 

  1. Panchtantra: Chanakya or Vishnugupta or Kautilya was one of the best economists, administrator and strategists of all time. His teachings and ideas are timeless. In this book, a collection of wonderful short stories, the author has offered some of the best lessons for life. Your children will learn many things by reading this must-read collection. And, it is at the top because it needs to be at the top. You can get a copy of this book in Hindi or English or any other language from Amazon India by clicking the link: Buy Panchtantra from Amazon
  2. Ramayan for Children: We are all blessed to be born in India! Ram is the epitome of a son, a king and a husband. Let your children enjoy the lessons of Ramayan by offering them an edition suitable for their sharp and enhancing mind. I would recommend Amar Chitra Katha edition of Ramayan for kids who can read, understand and make sense of lessons they get. For children who cannot read, you can get any picture-book and let them grow up with the best possible company! Get a copy of Ramayana for kids from Amazon India – click here to buy from Amazon
  3. Krishna Bal Lila: Who can be more beautiful than Bhagwan Krishna? Who can be naughtier than him? Who can be lovable than him? Kids will absolutely love reading the adventures of Bal Krishna and also get to learn lessons by him that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Krishna Bal Lilalyen is available in many languages and many different editions on Amazon. You can get a copy now: Click here to find out the book on Amazon India
  4. Mahabharat for Kids: Who does not know Arjuna once grown up? However, the ones who have read Mahabharata in its basic form in their very childhood are likely to understand the lessons from Mahabharat better than those who get to know it by movies or TV serials. Get a suitable edition of this historical battle for truth, Dharm and justice and let your children know what it means to stand up for values and, at the same time, giving respect to motherland and elders. Get a suitable edition from Amazon India: Buy from Amazon now – click here
  5. Malgudi Days by R. K. Narayan: This is the one that I would recommend for kids who are a little above the picture stories or comics. R. K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days is a book that’s tailormade for kids to learn family values, friendship and basic lessons that will come to comfort them in the coming years of life. Get a copy now – click to buy from Amazon India
  6. Kids book from Gita Press: Do remember to check on the website of Gita press or in a shop near you. You can get many books for your kids published by Gita Press. These books will not only help in character building but also inculcate values in kids who are growing up.
  7. Biographies: Get your kids the most important biographies like Swami Vivekananda, Abhimanyu, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Sri Krishna, Arjun, Sachin Tendulkar, Messi, and others who will inspire them to do something big and achieve greatness in life.

And I guess this should do for now! You can use these ideas to make the special day in the life of your kids more special and memorable. After things are settled and a kid grows up, he or she will surely remember the day when a book came in their life to change it for better! All the best!

By Amit for Egoistic Readers

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